Bestfriends -1

March 11th 6pm - Mar 15th 2015 6pm PST

"Select a friend to be your best friend and get the Best Friend Meerkat as a reward!"-Com2us Banner

New Animals -Romantic Animals-Romantic Donkey, Romantic Goat, Romantic Meerkat -Best Friend Meerkat

Enter your best friend's ID below and get the Romantic Meerkat from the colorful Candy Egg or purchase the Romantic Meerkat from the Store to send the Best Friend Meerkat to your Best Friend as a reward! (sent to the Gift Box)

  • You cant change your Best Friend once an ID has been entered.
  • You can also enter your friend's ID after getting the Romantic Meerkat.
  • Romantic Meerkat acquired from Lucy Bags are not counted.

Other ways to get the Romantic Animals 1.Get Candy Jars from the Fishing Boats. 2.You'll get a Candy Coin for Every 5 Candy Jars you acquire. 3.Use the Candy Coin to open the Lucky Bag. (Romantic Meerkats are not available through breeding.)


During this part of the Event the player is tasked with different missions to complete the Quest and acquire some of the Romantic Animals. The Story

Missions to complete Quest:

  • Give Love to an animal at your friend's farm R:50 exp 3000 gold
  • Reel in a Candy Jar from Tiny Beach(0/5) R:50 exp 3000 gold
  • Get the Romantic Donkey by breeding Donkeys R:50 3000 gold
  • Get the Romantic Goat by breeding Romantic Donkeys R:50 exp 3000 gold
  • Reward for completion of missions: 1 Recollection Coin