The Boar is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.



(Not in Animal Shop, can be attained from Ranger's Cabin for Gold small4,000/ takes 1.5 hrs) Ranger's Cabin Link

Boar Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Brown 3 Hrs Exp small185 Gold small95 Exp small61.7 Gold small31.7 Gold small1,700 3
Gray 3 Hrs Exp small205 Gold small100 Exp small68.3 Gold small33.3 Gold small3,400 5
Black 3 Hrs Exp small220 Gold small110 Exp small73.3 Gold small36.7 Gold small5,100 7
Talking 3 Hrs Exp small235 Gold small120 Exp small78.3 Gold small40 Gold small8,500 9see shop

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