Breeding animals requires Love points. You can breed animals by giving two adult animals (lvl 2+) of the same species full love points and then dragging one next to the other or clicking on the "Breed!" button below their love points. (There are breeding chances where the animals are not the same species.)

Love Points

A level 1 player begins the game with a maximum level limit of 9 Love Points. As the player levels up, they gain a higher maximum level limit on Love Points. (I suspect it is every 2 levels, based on the current pattern)

Other ways to attain Love Points are:

  • Visiting a friend's farm. (Once per day for each friend. Max 15)
  • Having a friend "help" one of your animals. This does not give you Love Points directly but raises your animal's Love instead. (Once per day for each friend)
  • Purchasing a Love House and collect Love Points
  • Buying Love Points in the Store. This is expensive and not recommended.( acutal money )
  • Hint: Watch your leveling, if you're close to level up spend all your Love Points; as they reset to max when you level up (You loose ALL Love Points over the max). While visiting your friend's farms or using the Love House to gain 5 love, you can go over your max level. NOTE: When the Love Points are over 1+ points the timer will disappear. The number also changes to yellow inside the heart. Once the Love Points are lower than your max the timer will continue for free Love Points. The numbers change back to white when the counter starts again.

Understanding Breeding

Breeding animals together rarely offers guaranteed results. For certain species, some colors are very difficult to get without the correct combination.

  • The probability of getting an animal out of certain animal combinations.
  • The profit made from selling an animal compared to the cost of breeding it (Both in Gold and Love Points).
  • Affectionate Food: Chance at high-rank animal being born when breeding animals increases.
    Bell small 20 for 24hrs Bell small 100 for 7 days

The following sections will assume you are breeding two of the same color together, with the exception of the Unique Combinations section.

Breeding Barn

New to Tiny Farm. This new building makes it possible for players to breed with other players.

Go to the Breeding Barn page for more information.

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