The Dairy Cow is one of the animals in the Collection Book in the game.

Dairy Cow


Cost:Gold small 2,750, Level 6 required

Dairy Cow Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Black Dairy Cow 2 Hrs Exp small135 Gold small70 Exp small67.5 Gold small35 Gold small850 3 Gold small1,375
Pink Dairy Cow 2 Hrs Exp small150 Gold small75 Exp small75 Gold small37.5 Gold small1,700 5 Gold small2,750
Blue Dairy Cow 2 Hrs Exp small165 Gold small80 Exp small82.5 Gold small40 Gold small2,550 7 Bell small35
Talking 2 Hrs Exp small 180 Gold small 90 Exp small 90 Gold small 45 Gold small4,250 9 see shop

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