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In October of 2013, the final animal of the teir 2 collection has arrived: Heroic Animals. These robust creatures have superpowers that allow them to aide you, your friends, and your other animals! A huge THANK YOU to JohnnySilver for the screenshots.

Special Animals

In October of 2013, Tiny Farm introduced Heroic Animals to the standard animal families. This completes the Tier 2 Collection for standard animals like Sheep, Chicken, Pig, Cow and Bighorn sheep. The Heroic animals come with special skills that aide you in your quest to become the ultimate farmer, or are they?

These animals are arguably the most difficult critters around. They need lots of Love Points and need to be given the royal treatment.

I Need a Hero

The Heroic animals visit for a two week period. You can obtain them from your farm or from a friend's farm. They are considered Special Animals

Calling Heroes to Your Farm

To request a Heroic animal to visit your farm, you must give love to the animals on your farm. A silhouette of a sheep's head is in the lower right-hand corner with a progress bar below it to show how much love you've given. It takes around 35 Love hearts to fill the progress bar. Once the bar is full, the outline will fill into the icon of the Heroic Sheep (See image below).

PERK: When your friends visit your farm and give love to your animals, this also counts towards filling the progress bar below the silhouette.


To invite the animal to your farm, click on the sheep's head icon. This will randomly call one animal from family available, i.e. during the sheep event, you could invite a standard white sheep, a brown sheep, a black sheep, a talking sheep, or the Heroic Sheep. WARNING: Once you click the icon, you start a 3 hour timer. If the animal is not tamed in the three hours, it returns to the "forest" and you start all over.

To ensure that a Heroic animal visits your farm, you can summon one instantly using three crowns. Crowns are obtained by continuing to "Tame" Heroic animals. More information on giving animals the royal treatment below.

Taming Heroic Animals

Once you have an animal, a meter to the right of the animal who is visiting shows how much of a chance you have
of taming the animal. Depending on the type of animal, you start with various percentages. White sheep, for example, started at 60%, brown at 40%, black at 20%, and talking at 10%. Heroic animals all start with the meter at 0%. To raise the meter, give it Love. You can give it 10 to 20 Love hearts for a chance of taming the animal. Each heart raises the meter 1%. Once you've entered at least 10 hearts the "Tame" button below the meter will be activated. When you are ready, push the button and see what happens!

If you get the animal, a new window will appear that congratulates you. If not, another window will appear that says you've failed. If you fail, the meter will retain 1% for every 10 Love hearts you entered. You will need to begin the process of entering hearts again, and then push the "Tame" button to see what happens.

If an animal visits your farm that you do not wish to tame, you can send it back. Above the image of the animal is a button that says "Send Back." Click it to send the animal back immediately, rather than waiting the three hours.


PERK: You can also tame animals on your friends' farms. When you scroll through the list of your friends, you will see a Heroic Sheep's icon if your friend has an animal visiting. You'll have to go to that friend's farm and click on the sheep icon to find out which animal is visiting. Fortunately, if you tame an animal on another's farm, both you and your friend benefit! You will each get the animal, or if you or your friend already have the Heroic animal, you will receive a crown. (Only Heroics will reward with crowns) If you tame an non-Heroic animal the animal will appear in your inventory.

Finally, during an event, only animals from a given family will appear, but you can use three crowns to invite a Heroic animal from another family to visit the farm. When you do that, the sheep icon that appares in your friend's list will be gold instead of off-white.



Updated Heroic Window

In April of 2014, an update dramatically changed the look of Tiny Farm, including the pop-up you see when you select one of your Heroic animals. Toward the bottom, a bar tells you what level the animal's skill is and shows how much it's been used. To the right of the bar, there is a small green button that says "Use Skills" which allows you to operate a Heroic animals' special power. Next to the green button is a yellow one with a question mark. This button explains what the Heroic's special power does. The button to upgrade a Heroic is now at the bottom of the pop-up, along with the button to sell it.

A second update in July of 2014 allows for some exciting new opportunities. When you select the sheep head at
the bottom of the screen, the usual window pops up (1). Now there's a button in the center that says "View Your Heroic Animals." This pulls up a new window showing you where all of your Heroics are (2). But wait, there's more!

In the upper left is a green button that says "Expand Slots." Selecting this button opens another window (3) that lets you to buy a slot allowing you to have MORE THAN ONE Heroic animal on a map at a time! Each slot costs 30 bells, and you can only buy one slot for each map (at this time).

WARNING: Do not confuse these for Animal Certificates. These slots only allow you to put out another Heroic animal. If your map is full, you'll have to store or sell one critter before you can put out the second Heroic.

The Care and Feeding of Heroes

Heroic animals are VERY high maintenance. They take lots of Love Points, lots of Gold, and lots of a new element to earn called crowns.

On the Map

You can only have ONE Heroic animal on a map at a time. So your Heroic Pig can be in your Toy Village, your Heroic Chicken can be on the Tiny Beach, and the Heroic Sheep can be on the farm; so you can have all three on your Tiny Farm at once.


  Also, you can only own ONE Heroic animal of a species. During a given Heroic animal event, once you have the Heroic animal, you can continue to tame them, but you won't earn another animal. Instead, you will earn CROWNS. The crowns are very useful as they allow you to level up your Heroic animal.

Leveling Up

As you increase the animal's level, you advance the strength of the animal's skill:

  • You start with your animal at Level One which allows your skill to reach level 3
  • One crown and some gold will move your animal to Level Two, and allow your skill to reach level 5
  • Two crowns and some gold will move your animal to Level Three and your skill to progress up to level 7
  • Three crowns and some gold will move your animal to Level Four and your skill progress to level 9
  • Four crowns and some gold will move your animal to Level Five and your skill to level 10

The advantage of progressing your animal up in Levels will give you more gold and experience, and the advantage of progressing the skill will allow you to use the skill with fewer Love Points or allow you to use the skill on more animals. For more detail on the skills, read about the individual animals below.

Using Skills

Different animals require a different number of Love Points to activate the animal's skill. You still give love to your animal, the way you do with other animals, but once the required number of hearts is reached, a lightening bolt bubble will appear above the Heroic animal instead of the rotating heart. Touching the bubble will open the animal's statistics window where you can select the "Use Skill" button. A new window will prompt you if you want to use the skill. After you select "Yes," the next steps are dependent on the animal. Some will ask you to select other animals to deliver the skill. Others will ask you to select one of your friends. As the Heroics are a new breed, the options are still unknown for what other possibilies they may possess. For a run-down of current skills, read about individual animals in the list below.

Heroic Animals

Below is a list of the Heroic animals. Each Heroic has been moved to its own page.

Heroic Sheep Heroic Chicken Heroic Pig Heroic Dairy Cow Heroic Bighorn Sheep Heroic Spotted Pig Heroic Leghorn Heroic Cow Heroic Horse Heroic Hampshire Heroic Highlander Heroic Long-Tailed Rooster Heroic Bearded Pig Heroic Zebra

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