The Penguin is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.



Cost: Gold small32,500, Level 28 required

Ranger Info: Gold small 16,250 / takes 54 Hours Ranger's Cabin Link

Penguin Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Blue 3 Hrs Exp small170 Gold small85 Exp small56.7 Gold small28.3 Gold small2,150 6
Purple 3 Hrs Exp small185 Gold small95 Exp small61.7 Gold small31.7 Gold small4,300 8
Red 3 Hrs Exp small205 Gold small100 Exp small68.3 Gold small33.3 Gold small6,450 10
Talking 3 Hrs Exp small220 Gold small110 Exp small73.3 Gold small36.7 Gold small10,750 12see shop

Please visit the link for more information for the Ranger's Cabin

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