The Pig is one of the animals in the Collection Book



Cost: Gold small1,500, Level 4 required

Pig Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Pink 1 hr Exp small85 Gold small45 Exp small85 Gold small45 Gold small550 3 750Gold small
Brown 1 hr Exp small95 Gold small50 Exp small95 Gold small50 Gold small1,100 7 1,500Gold small
Black 1 hr Exp small105 Gold small55 Exp small105 Gold small55 Gold small1,650 7 20Bell small
Talking 1 hr Exp small115 Gold small55 Exp small115 Gold small55 Gold small2,750 7 see shop

Please visit the link for more information for the Ranger's Cabin

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